From Conception to Show Day

The process that most people don’t see

Production design and planning plays a vital role in any live event, shaping the visual experience and atmosphere of concerts, performances and corporate occasions.

We work from the ground up starting right at the genesis of the production.  First off, understanding the clients’ vision, then delivering a concept and producing documents and visualisations which are used in the implementation of the project, all whilst making sure that all potential issues can be ironed out before we get to site and start the build process.

The documents we produce can be used by the lighting department and riggers as well as video, audio and camera suppliers to make decisions on how best to implement their part of the process.

Renders to final result


Client Meeting & Discussion

Concept Design


Lighting Plans

Rigging Plots

Custom Rigging Solutions


Installation (load In)

Production Management

Lighting Programming

Lighting Operation

Load Out


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